From the recording Love for Connoisseurs

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With Miles Black, Jodi Proznick, Joel Fountain, Dave Say


I tried with online dating
Met these modern types of guys
I'd open doors for them
Pay the bill when we would dine
But soon found modern men would rather spend their lives online
That's when fate brought me my ginger valentine

Bright red hair and soft green eyes
He's a handsome Scot!
A guy with sweet old-fashioned ways
He's a twentieth century fox!

Ladies first, he takes my coat
He holds a steady job
Calls me ma'am, and brings me sweets
He's a twentieth century fox!

Some modernized men have tried to take me out
Twenty-first century style
My wonderful guy has manners and such class
Freckle-faced skin and a beautiful smile

He picks me up, his car is clean
He's always on the dot, his hair is slick
His shoes are shined
He's my ginger-haired treasure
In red-headed splendour
Twentieth century fox!

He waits to eat till I get served
He loves a peaty scotch
He doesn't curse, he reads the news
He's a twentieth century fox!

Don't know if I'll walk the aisle
Cause here's the paradox
To build a modern way of life
With a twentieth century fox!

Friends tending to choose such narcissist flames?
I told them go right ahead
Some more modern men will want to play head games
I'd have to say, I'll stick with Red

He told my folks he bought a ring
It gives me food for thought
If I should build a den of love
With a gentleman tender
Tall, fair and slender
Twentieth century fox!

He's such a fox!