From the recording Love for Connoisseurs

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Miles Black, Jodi Proznick, Joel Fountain, Dave Say


When you leave your stuff everywhere
It really drives me nuts
Just pick up all your stuff
Enough's enough

When I clean the house
Mop the floor
You seem to track in dirt
Just leave that muck outside
Enough's enough

When I pick up your trash
Well it makes me want to slam the door
Clean is gone in a flash
Leaving only chores, more chores

I went to hit the sack
Time for bed
I toss and turn in crumbs
No snacks in bed, my sweet
Enough's enough

When you drop your coat on the floor
I grit and grind my teeth
So hang your jacket up
Enough's enough

Lots of coffee mugs
All around
Each and every day
Just bring them back yourself
Enough's enough

You should look in the sink
There's a lot of dishes that are piling up
Well now what do you think?
You can start to wash and scrub!

Don't like sour milk?
Nor do I!
How 'bout ya put it back?
Just pop it in the fridge
Enough's enough!

Don't wait to be asked
Just go and clean!

Find a chore to do
and make it gleam!

There's receipts everywhere
But you know you really cannot write them off
Makes me pull out my hair
I mean hair that I have left

If you think that you want romance
It's time to cook and clean!
And anyway
Enough's enough
Pick up your stuff
Enough's enough
It's much too much
Enough's enough

Just clean it all up!