Music and lyrics by Angela Verbrugge. Licensing for recordings or use of this recording available through SoCan or the artist.


Verse: You came to me from out of the blue;
You made my heart leap and play.
But when the fairy dust finally settled,
Life got in the way.

Chorus One:
You're almost perfect
Or very nearly
You made my heart just
Stand still -
You may not be the right one
But you gave me such a thrill.

I see our future
And all the troubles
As we walk 'round
Hand in hand.
You might just be the right one
But it’s sure not what I planned.

So I scheme
of steaming out the wrinkles,
those impossibilities,
I hear
Our wedding guests that marvel
At your charms and abilities.

You're almost perfect
I want to change you,
Moonlit kissing
Could you be the right one?
I’m praying for a sign.

Second chorus
I think you're perfect
Or very nearly
For someone else that’s wiser than I;
But if you love and leave me
I think I’d surely die.

Last year our future
Was just a glimmer,
But now it’s looking so bright.
You’re very nearly perfect,
But I could do without the fights.

How I wish you’d be on time for dinner
Learn punctuality!
Despite the troubles, you’re still the winner,
With your idiosyncrasies.

You are not perfect, neither am I
I ask you darling…
Be mine?

I think you are the right one.
I hope that I can stand you.
You may not be the right one,
But for now, you’ll do just fine.