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I'm Running Late

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Music Ray Gallon, Lyrics Angela Verbrugge
Copyright through SoCan

Instrumentally entitled That's The Question, copyright available through BMI c/o Ray Gallon.


I’m running late but as I head through the gate,
Oh wait! Where did my keys go?
Oops a stain!
Could that be my train leaving now, it is! No!
Not a moment to be spared now.

I’m running late but as I head to our date,
Oh wait! Forgot my iphone.
Different shoes!?
Dishwasher is getting repaired today.

There’s so much rain,
Oh what a pain,
Good afternoon!
(I saw my old boyfriend!)

I should hang up,
Where is the pup?
I’m out of time
But it’s lunchtime
(Just a quick bite to eat.)

I’m running late I must have slept much too late,
Ding dong! There goes the doorbell.
Will I make it on time for class today?
That’s the question.
I’m running.
I wish I had left ten minutes ago.

I’m running late because I thought it was eight
o’clock I had to be there.
So confused!
Misused when I should be excused
Now you
That you can't wait for me much longer.

I’m running late cause I thought I should donate
some blood, there is a shortage.
Make you wait?
Grandmother is not doing well today.

There’s so much snow,
Forty below,
Had to tiptoe,
There’s a rainbow!
(Stopped to post to Facebook.)
Seems I hit “snooze",
Got new tattoos,
Way too much booze,
Singing the blues
(Just a sec t'catch my breath.)

I’m running late because it seems it’s my fate
To press.... my luck to get there.
Will a taxi saviour come through?
That’s the question!
I’m scramblin'.
I wish I had left ten minutes ago.