* Debuted at Number 1 in the Jazz Category on iTunes Canada 

* One of the top jazz magazines in North America published a glowing review of "The Night We Couldn't Say Good Night" in the April 2019 edition and premiered "How Did I Know This Was the End?" Check us out on JazzTimes: https://jazztimes.com/reviews/albums/angela-verbrugge-the-night-we-couldnt-say-goodnight-gut-string/ 

* The album was distributed by Gut String Records in NYC, run by the preferred bassist of vocal legends Jane Monheit and Annie Ross, and released on his label of top-shelf NYC-based jazz artists: 

A BIG thank you to my label Gut String Records! http://gutstringrecords.com/release-detail/?release=2561 

* Will Friedwald, the award-winning author ("A Biographical Guide to the Great Jazz and Pop Singers" and seven other books), journalist (Wall Street Journal) and curator for Apple Music wrote the liner notes to the album (check them out in full here), including this statement: 

“With a vocal sound that’s bright and optimistic and also full of depth and nuance – welcoming the light but without denying the existence of darkness.” 

* JAZZIZ Magazine’s New Music Monday: “I’m Running Late” and "You're Almost Perfect" were selected to be featured in this leading jazz publication in the highly competitive column. https://www.jazziz.com/new-music-monday-snarky-puppy-christian-li-mike-bono-and-more 

* “Angela lets her stunning vocals soar…” - The Record Journal 

* JazzWeekly veteran critic George Harris described the album as “Quirky with a swing!” https://www.jazzweekly.com/2019/04/ladies-of-songkelly-hafner-if-its-love-beverly-church-hogan-cant-get-out-of-this-mood-vanessa-rubin-the-dream-is-you-sings-tadd-dameron-angela-verbugge-the-night-we-c/

* "Standout songwriting" - Republic of Jazz 

* Toronto Music Report "Stunning debut album. Simply stunning!". https://torontomusicreport.com/reviews/cds/angela-verbrugge-the-night-we-couldnt-say-good-night/ 

* Neon Jazz, radio interview  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICYjk2oQmzA